NeuroAnalyzer tutorials: Generating and using sysimage

Due to the nature of Julia compiler, initial startup of NeuroAnalyzer takes several seconds. To speedup the process, creating a custom sysimage for reduced latency using PackageCompiler.jl is recommended. This method is recommended for end-users of NeuroAnalyzer.

In order to create the custom sysimage, first clone the repository:

git clone
cd NeuroAnalyzer-misc

Next, generate the sysimage:

The sysimage is located in the current directory as

Please note, that the sysimage of the current stable release will be produced. Also, keep in mind that sysimage is system- and machine-specific and will not work in machines with different hardware/OS.

To use the generated sysimage, run:


Then use the NeuroAnalyzer as usual:

using NeuroAnalyzer


Vanilla sysimage with recompilation:

@time using NeuroAnalyzer
200.100963 seconds (192.47 M allocations: 11.527 GiB, 1.85% gc time, 6.23% compilation time: 40% of which was recompilation)

Vanilla sysimage without recompilation:

@time using NeuroAnalyzer
85.793703 seconds (192.44 M allocations: 11.527 GiB, 4.40% gc time, 14.30% compilation time: 40% of which was recompilation)

Custom sysimage:

@time using NeuroAnalyzer
0.003870 seconds (10.55 k allocations: 614.109 KiB)