NeuroAnalyzer preferences

Certain NeuroAnalyzer functionalities are controlled using preferences. Julia session needs to be restarted to use new preferences. Preferences are saved to LocalPreferences.toml in the local NeuroAnalyzer folder or in ~/.julia/environments/v*/LocalPreferences.toml.

Some functions produce information messages. To suppress these messages, use na_set_verbose(false) to set the variable verbose.

CUDA is disabled by default. For some low-level operations (e.g. FFT and IFFT) CUDA acceleration is may be used if compatible NVIDIA card and drivers are installed. To enable CUDA, use na_set_use_cuda(true) to set the variable use_cuda.

Most NeuroAnalyzer function take less than one second to complete. Functions that take more than few seconds (e.g. itpc_s()) may optionally display progress bar. To disable the progress bar, use na_set_progress_bar(false) to set the variable progress_bar.

Below is the list of NeuroAnalyzer preferences and corresponding functions:

All preferences may also be set using na_set_prefs(use_cuda=true|false, progress_bar=true|false, verbose=true|false).