NeuroAnalyzer tutorials: Plot (1)

Plot multi-channel signal:

p = NeuroAnalyzer.plot(eeg)
plot_save(p, file_name="images/eeg_mch.png")

Plot single-channel, using time-points:

p = NeuroAnalyzer.plot(eeg, ch=1, seg=(1+10*sr(eeg), 12*sr(eeg)))
plot_save(p, file_name="images/eeg_ch1.png")

Plot multi-channel signal, mean ± 95CI:

p = NeuroAnalyzer.plot(eeg, ch=3:4, type=:mean)
plot_save(p, file_name="images/eeg_ch34avg.png")

Butterfly plot multi-channel signal:

p = NeuroAnalyzer.plot(eeg, ch=1:4, type=:butterfly)
plot_save(p, file_name="images/eeg_ch34bf.png")

You may also compare two signals, e.g. before and after filtering:

eeg1 = import_edf("NEURO-testing-data/EDF/eeg-test-edf.edf");
eeg2 = NeuroAnalyzer.filter(eeg1, fprototype=:fir, ftype=:lp, cutoff=30)
p = NeuroAnalyzer.plot(eeg1, eeg2, ch=1:19)
plot_save(p, file_name="images/plot_twosignals.png")

(!) The first signal (“before”) is drawn in black, the second (“after”) – in red.

Alternatively, interactive preview is also available:

iview(eeg1, eeg2, zoom=20)

(!) Defaut zoom value is 5 seconds.

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