NeuroAnalyzer tutorials: Analyze EEG (1)

Any analysis data (e.g. ICA, PCA) can be stored within the EEG object as EEG component.

For more details, see add_component(), delete_component(), rename_component(), component_type(), extract_component().

(!) Components are removed from the object when the signal data is altered in any way (e.g. channel removal, filtering).

(!) Components are saved together with the signal data when using the native NeuroAnalyzer format (HDF5).

Add component:

e = epoch_stats(eeg)
add_component!(eeg, c=:epoch_mean, v=e[1])

Show components:


Get component type:

component_type(eeg, c=:epoch_mean)

Get component content:

extract_component(eeg, c=:epoch_mean)

Delete component:

delete_component!(eeg, c=:epoch_mean)

Delete all components: