NeuroAnalyzer tutorials: Plot (3)

Plot spectrogram (STFT):

p = plot_spectrogram(eeg, ch=9, norm=true)
plot_save(p, file_name="images/eeg_spec1.png")

(!) To smooth the histogram, use smooth=true option and n parameter (kernel size of the Gaussian blur; larger kernel means more smoothing).

p = plot_spectrogram(eeg, ch=9, norm=true, smooth=true, n=5)

Plot spectrogram (multi-taper):

p = plot_spectrogram(eeg, ch=9, norm=true, method=:mt)
plot_save(p, file_name="images/eeg_spec6.png")

Plot spectrogram (Morlet wavelet):

p = plot_spectrogram(eeg, ch=9, norm=true, method=:mw)
plot_save(p, file_name="images/eeg_spec3.png")

Plot spectrogram (Gauss-Morlet):

p = plot_spectrogram(eeg, ch=9, method=:gh)
plot_save(p, file_name="images/eeg_spec5.png")

Plot spectrogram (continuous wavelet transformation):

p = plot_spectrogram(eeg, ch=9, method=:cwt, wt=wavelet(Morlet(6), β=2, Q=128))
plot_save(p, file_name="images/eeg_spec2.png")

Plot multi-channel spectrogram:

p = plot_spectrogram(eeg, ch=1:19, norm=true, frq_lim=(0, 50))
plot_save(p, file_name="images/eeg_spec4.png")
spectrogram mc