NeuroAnalyzer tutorials: Importing/exporting EEG data


The following data formats are supported:

Load recording file - proper importer is recognized based on file extension:

eeg = import_recording("eeg-test-edf.edf")

By default, channel types (EEG, ECG, EOG, etc.) are recognized automatically based on channel labels. This may not work for some recordings with weird channel names. Channel type detection can be disabled using detect_type::Bool parameter:

eeg = import_recording("eeg-test-edf.edf")
eeg = import_recording("eeg-test-edf.edf", detect_type=false)

Load EDF/EDF+:

eeg = import_recording("eeg-test-edf.edf")
eeg = import_recording("eeg-test-edfplus.edf")

Load Alice4 EDF:

eeg = import_alice4("eeg-test-alice4.edf")

Load BDF/BDF+:

eeg = import_recording("eeg-test-bdf.bdf")
eeg = import_recording("eeg-test-bdfplus.bdf")

Load GDF:

eeg = import_recording("eeg-test-gdf_1.25.gdf")
eeg = import_recording("eeg-test-gdf_2.20.gdf")

Load DigiTrack:

eeg = import_digitrack("eeg-test-digitrack.txt")

Load BrainVision (at least two files must be provided: .vhdr/.ahdr and .eeg):

eeg = import_recording("eeg-test-bv.vhdr")
eeg = import_recording("eeg-test-bv.ahdr")

(!) BrainVision .eeg and .vmrk (markers, optional) files will be loaded using file names provided in .vhdr/.ahdr. All three files must be located in the same folder.

Load CSV:

eeg = import_csv("eeg-test_chxt.csv.gz")
eeg = import_csv("eeg-test_txch.csv.gz")

Load SET:

eeg = import_set("eeg-test-eeglab.set")


Object may be exported to CSV files:

export_csv(eeg, file_name="eeg.csv")

(!) By default, only signals are exported. To export header meta-data, markers, components and locs:

export_csv(eeg, file_name="eeg.csv", header=true, components=true, markers=true, locs=true)


NeuroAnalyzer uses HDF5 format to store files. To save the object:

save(eeg, file_name="eeg.hdf5")

To overwrite, set overwrite=true:

save(eeg, file_name="eeg.hdf5", overwrite=true)


Loading NeuroAnalyzer object from HDF5:

eeg = load("eeg.hdf5")